About Us

2431399What does this band have in common with Cottage Treasures? Nothing except the fact that, like us, they love living life to the fullest! Oh yeah, and we have a piano, too.

Anyway, Cottage Treasures carries antiques dating back to the 1500 s all the way to vintage items from the 1950s for indoor, outdoor and garden use. Our inventory can address any need, from formal to casual or from elegant to rustic and primitive.

Since opening our Long Valley location nearly two decades ago, we have continued to search the world to provide our customers with the most unique, interesting and affordable solutions to all their antique and design needs. Since then we have opened up two more shops in Hudson NY each filled with hundreds of unique items to suit any taste!

Cottage Treasures Online is a website designed to help our customers view as many of our items as possible. On our daily search to find the most unique and interesting items, we purchase many of these treasures from barns with no lighting, backs of trucks and attics with no flooring. It is a wonderful but daunting daily task which never gets old! We have a huge customer “want list” and many items are sold direct from our purchase location. Only about 50 items a week reach our retail floor! At the request of our customers to list as many items as possible we have agreed to list our daily finds In the condition that we find them. So to all our customers old and new all you will need is a great imagination. We have all the talent and the workforce to make all of these treasures ready to place in your Cottage or Castle.